The Courtland Army Air Field was activated in December 1942.

Courtland was assigned to the Southeast Training Center of the Army Air Force Training Command. It was commanded by the 446th Army Air Force Base Unit. Courtland AAF was the home of a Basic Flying School which utilized Vultee BT-13s for the Air Cadets. Personnel were required to fire pistols or carbines for marksmanship training and practice gas attack drills. 

The air field closed in 1946. 

The Pilots

The exact number of pilots who lived and trained in Courtland is not official. Websites have it that over 100,000 Army personnel worked on the base between 1942-1946. 

The Basic Flight School was replaced by a Specialized 4-Engine Flight School in August 1944. Establishment of this school involved the transfer of B-24 "Liberator" bombers and personnel from Chanute Field, Illinois. During this time, in addition to the 4-Engine Flight School, a transition squadron was also emplaced at Courtland. The role of the transition squadron largely involved the retraining and/or reclassification of returning crews from Europe (crews who had fulfilled their required missions). Many personnel went on to B-29 schools at other locations as they were reclassified.


One thousand-one hundred U.S. women served as pilots for the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II.

Jeanette "Jan" C. Kapus was assigned to the Courtland Army Air Field as an engineering test pilot,testing BT-13's, ferrying PT-17's, PT-19's and BT-13's to boneyards and on occasion co-piloting the B-17 on maintenance runs. She also flew the AT-11, UC-78 and UC-64.

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Courtland Army Air Base

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